SREED's Professional Learning Online

Access professional learning online


Having trouble finding time to invest in face to face training?

SREED has developed an online learning 'school' which you can access any time, from anywhere.

It works on multiple devices


There is nothing worse than getting excited to sit down to access your course online and then find out that your device is not compatible. 

With the flexibility of our online courses you can access professional learning from both desktop and mobile devices making it easy and convenient for you to pick up and get learning.

From directors to trainees


With a commitment to enhance the learning opportunities for early childhood educators - SREED is regularly developing a range of courses to suit the various professionals in the early childhood education sector.

No matter your budget we have you in mind


The beauty about SREED's Professional Learning Online community is that there is a variety of courses available to everyone. 

Our Free courses are designed to bring knowledge to you through ease of access. All we ask is that you talk about it with your colleagues, friends and families.

Our paid courses will be cost effective and some come in lower than a large cup of coffee. 

Take a look at the platform now