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Leadership in any industry is contextual and dynamic. In the Early Childhood Education world leadership strives to motivate, inspire and empower educators and teachers towards a vision that elevates the status of children in the eyes of society. This not only requires a strength in the practice of ethics but also an understanding on how to bridge the divide between individual and service values. 

With the acknowledgement that within every service there is a different need and facilitation of leadership, our leadership mentoring programs have been designed to adapt to these changing situations. 

From learning about the different approaches to leadership, to developing skills to facilitate those tough conversations; all of our leadership programs can be modified to suit your needs. 

This is important because sometimes we just need a little hand to pull us up out of the burrow. Someone to hear us, listen to us and provide ideas that are not only flexible but also free of judgement.

Everyone does the best they can with the knowledge they have at that time. 

But, everyone needs a someone!

Let me be yours.

What I bring to you?

Experience in the educational leader role. A passion for leadership and relationships. A drive for community culture and an ability to translate information into ways that is not only significant for you but also your service. 

No matter where you are located, I work with the belief that when early childhood professionals are supported in their roles they will invest in the movement of self guided development and future progressions. 

This means that I offer a variety of methods that see me available and engaged in your vision. Whether this is through face to face consults, video or skype conferences, emails, phone calls or a mixture of them all. 

Depending on your circumstances and what you are seeking support with, there are numerous mentoring and coaching plans available for those in any leadership role. 

One month plan: - Best for those whom are new to the position, or have a specific goal or objective they want to work with. 

12 week plan: - This is great for educational leaders whom are reflecting on current practice and want some coaching on how to support their team members to operate as self guided professionals and as collaborative members of a group as you embark on a journey of change.

Unpack plan: This is for you if you need help unpacking and reviewing your service philosophy, policy and practices and want to get some inspiration to critically reflect on what you want your service image to represent.

Don’t forget that you can contact me with your needs and I can tailor a program specifically for you.

Please fill out the form below with your inquiry and I will be in contact with you in 48 hours. 

What they say

"She just has a way of articulating things into a perspective that is easy to understand and reflective of regulatory requirements" 

 Check out my published article titled "Facilitating mentoring relationships" 

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Child development - supporting and understanding children with additional or complex needs

  This mentoring and coaching program is designed with educators in mind. More specifically, it is designed for those educators whom are working with children whom have a complexity about them, making their planning and assessment different to their peers. 

From planning stimulating language environments to embedding sensory experiences that support children's developing self regulation. 

Something that is not acknowledged enough is the emotional load that comes with guiding children's development and education whom also come from complex backgrounds or trauma. Included in this category are children with additional needs. 

With coaching strategies specific to you, or your team, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you will be supported.


The Inspirational Educator


There is an understanding that not all areas in Australia have the same access and availability to quality professional development, support and advice. Often this is also heavily influenced by price. 

Imagine in this picture, the educator whom is not in a leadership position, but is motivated, driven and passionate about early childhood. Imagine these educators whom fly under the radar often because they do not want to be pushed or take on more than what they currently are doing. 

These educators inspire me because these are the educators whom I think about whenever I am developing programs and content. It is these educators that I work so hard to improve the systems that surround their chosen career. 

So, if you are one of those educators, or you know of one, let them know of this specially designed mentoring and coaching program.

The inspirational educator program : This is for you if you don’t mind investing some training and development opportunities for your professional growth. This is for you if you want to grow more but are just unsure of how. This is for you if you are motivated and have a love for early childhood education. 

What you get in this program is a tailored professional development plan that we work out together based on the things that we know about you and where you are heading in line with your service's QIP (the things that you love about EC, the things that challenge you, the things that inspire you). 

You  also get a week to week plan that is designed with realistic and actionable strategies to help you reach your goals. This plan is followed through with weekly contact and engagement with me – so I will be there motivating and guiding you through the whole process. Keeping you accountable and giving you the inspiration that you need all the way through. 

Why? Because I am a motivator. I have a skill set that sees me inspire and drive people to want to know and be more then they are used to. From helping you to chuck the procrastination out the window when you have to write learning stories, to guiding your decision making processes and skills that boost your ability to be resourceful, reflective and responsive. 

Inquire below if you need this to help you make your 2019 early childhood career that much different to last year!

*Payment plans are available for this plan* 

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