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The Circle of Security Parenting Program



I am excited to advise that I am a recognised facilitator of the Circle of Security Parenting Program designed by The Circle of Security International

The National Quality Standard acknowledges services commitment to support families through connecting them with services in their community that enhances their family wellbeing and parenting. By choosing to invest time in promoting this program with your families you are acknowledging the difficulties that many families face when trying to understand their children’s emotional needs and that this is not an unusual circumstance to find themselves in. 

During this eight-week program families will transition through one 90-minute session each week that will set families up onto greater positions to ensuring they feel success in their parenting role. By putting family wellbeing at the frontline of service operations demonstrates your commitment to enhancing the quality of the partnerships that you provide within your early learning service. 

A core component of this program is safety and given this, when services invest in hosting the Circle of Security Parenting Program for their families, they are promoting a safe space which is familiar and comfortable to them. This is important because we know that all relationships thrive on safety and connection and this is best facilitated in an environment which families know and have been to before.  

 If hosting is not appropriate for your service, SREED is able to outsource a location for your families. 

The minimum number of people required for this program is 10 with a maximum number of 20 people per course cycle. 

Payment plans are available. Please register your interest and inquiries in the form below.

Circle of Security Parenting Program Abbreviated



This attachment and relationship based program is a shortened version of the 8-week Circle of Security Parenting Program. It is compacted into a 4-week program and by having it altered this way makes for an ideal professional learning opportunity for educators and early learning professionals. 

If you and your service are looking for ways to review your understandings on children’s behaviour and emotional development than this is the course for you. 

Some of the things you will unpack in this course: 

- What is the circle of security

- What is ‘being with’ 

- Reading and interpreting non verbal cues and miscues

- What is shark music and how does this impact the way I engage with my children.

This program structure is run on a two-hour session, once a week for four weeks. It is important that all four sessions are attended for course completion.

Services can choose to host the program for their educators and reduce the cost of the service and/or invite others to join. Alternatively, SREED can outsource a venue nearby for an additional charge. 

The minimum number of individuals required to operate per course cycle is 8 people.

Payment plans are available. Please register your interest and inquiries in the form below. 

Feedback from previous programs and FAQ's

What people say


“Sometimes the video’s would say something and I wouldn’t understand it. But then the facilitator (Sarah) would explain it in a way that I understood and could relate to”

“Sarah made me feel ok to just listen in moments when others were sharing…that I didn’t have to share if I didn’t want to”

“Sarah encouraged input from all members of the group in a way that was not threatening or forceful”

“There was such a focus on making sure the group was supported which then made it feel really safe to share conversations that were private to me”

“She just broke the information down so well – it was easy to get.”



What is the difference between the parent program and the educators program?

The main difference is the length of time provided for reflection during each session. The educator’s abbreviated version has less discussion points, which changes the structure of the course.


Does the four week structure all educators with enough time to process and practice the materials?

“Yes! The structure of the program made it always feel just right. It was never overloading but I always walked out feeling like I had just been filled with knowledge.”(Feedback from an educator participant) 

How will the program help me with my parenting?

The Circle of Security Parenting Program will encourage you to take a step back and think about what your children’s behavior is telling you about their needs before you react.

Is working within a group really beneficial?

Yes. Whilst the program can be offered individually, the group structure allows participants to hear other peoples perspectives on parenting and understand different points of view. This encourages participants to consider their own parenting practices

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