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Are you new in your role and not sure what this means for you? Do you have an educator or teacher who would benefit from some tailored mentoring and coaching? Or maybe you would like to streamline your leadership teams approach?

Our mentoring programs are for you and can be tailored to suit your needs.

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The Circle of Security


 At times all families feel lost or without a clue about what their children may be needing from them. Imagine what families would feel like if they were able to make sense of what their children’s behaviours were really asking of them.

By consulting with us and choosing to host the Circle of Security Parenting Program for your families in your early childhood service you will be enhancing your capacity to relate with them about their children’s emotional and relationship learning and development. 

Educators naturally experience the same difficulties when caring for children and sometimes feel more disconnected emotionally because their secure attachments differ from that of a parent and child. The Circle of Security Parenting Program Abbreviated allows educators to explore the theory of the circle and translate this into practice, working with children to enhance their emotional and relationship learning within the social environment. A commitment to enhancing their roles in the profession of early childhood education.

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